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At Cloud Control, we aim to help enterprises adopt cloud effortlessly. Since inception in 2018, we’ve evolved to specialize in migrating on-prem infrastructure, data, and applications smoothly and cost-effectively with minimal disruption. We combine accelerators and deep expertise in cloud technology to help our clients manage cloud capacity and cost with much more flexibility.

We know that migrating to the cloud, modernizing apps, and managing the entire IT ecosystem is a lot of work. Moreover, it increases technology costs, data security challenges, and regulatory compliance concerns. That’s why we leverage our industry experience, technical capabilities, and solutions that help craft the right cloud strategy for your business while accelerating the time-to-value of cloud environments. We assess your specific infrastructure and business requirements, minimizing disruption, managing scalability, ensuring security, and optimizing spend.

AppZ, our savvy migration and management platform for applications looking to thrive in Kubernetes, helps you lower your application’s TCO by a staggering 30-70%, whether it’s running on-premises or up in the cloud. Our signature SRE-as-a-Service on Kubernetes, with built-in observability, unlocks your full cloud potential while helping to reduce the TCO.

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We bring more than 140+ years of our experience in Enterprise application development, infrastructure automation, compliance, databases, data optimization, etc into our flagship enterprise cloud migration platform – AppZ. Reduce your migration and operational costs by 50-70%! We have done it – and now we would love to hear from you… 

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Our Staff Team

Join Our Team

Kevin Sullivan

Co-Founder, Chairman, & Advisor

Rejith Krishnan

Co-Founder, CEO

Rajagopal Nair

COO and Head of Business Development

Rich Robins


Dr. Anil Kumar

VP Engineering

Deepak George

Customer Success Manager

A. Nagesh

Lead DevOps Engineer

Pradeep Chandran

Lead DevOps Engineer

Midhun Paul Mathew

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Hitesh Nalamwar

Lead UX Architect

Abhi Kanade

Product Delivery Lead

Rakhi Ramesan

Business Development Executive 

Sreedevi J S

Cloud Devops Engineer

Sarathsankar R S

Cloud Devops Engineer

Ancy Paul

Cloud Devops Engineer

Anusha Borra

Cloud Devops Engineer

Bibin Koshy

Cloud Devops Engineer

Ayana L Raj

Technical Content Writer

Hari Shankar

Cloud Devops Engineer

What We Believe

We believe it’s time for businesses to have elastic, scalable, resilient applications by using the same Open Source tools that drive the smartphone apps we all take for granted. Today it is possible to define compute, storage, network and end points be it a private or public cloud. Sharing our experience embodied in AppZ enables even small teams to deploy and manage both legacy and Kubernetes platforms within days on any cloud provider platform.

Our clients range from software start-ups selling to large organizations, CISO Outsourcing Service Providers, Health Insurers and some of the largest regulated financial institutions.

 It’s possible to manage DevOps Complexity through Automation using AppZ while remaining agile and keeping developers happy with automated controls. 

Rejith Krishnan, Co-Founder/CEO

With AppZ it’s possible to have controls, reduced costs and time to digitally transform applications that span clouds.

Kevin Sullivan, Chairman

For a fraction of the cost of recruiting DevOps and Infrastructure teams our clients are able to have a managed solution to reap the efficiencies and benefits of the Cloud while reducing cyber-security risk.

Rajagopal Nair, COO