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Accelerate Cloud Adoption

Our platform AppZ can accelerate your cloud adoption using our pre-tested, proven and secure cloud adoption templates! Ready to deploy! Save 50-70% in cloud adoption expenditure! Go live in hours, days or weeks! Not months/years!

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CLOUD NATIVE COMPUTING CLOUD NATIVE Cloud Native is all about build once and deploy anywhere! It does not matter where

Infrastructure Agility
Empowering Software

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Achieve agility, better security and controls using automation

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AWS Landing Zone

September 21st, 2020|AWS, Cloud Enterprise, Cloud Migration, Cybersecurity|

AWS Landing Zone WHAT IS AWS LANDING ZONE? Foundation for AWS migrations. Are you planning for cloud migrations? Cloud adoption is increasing rapidly across organizations. More and more workloads are being moved to cloud every day. It is


February 1st, 2021|Cybersecurity, Hack, solarwinds|

ANALYSIS OF SOLARWINDS HACK WHAT IS SOLARWINDS HACK? SolarWinds Hack is a cyberattack discovered recently in the Unites States. It was mainly targeted against US Government and agencies and may have affected several other companies across the world.  It

Dealing with the Shortage of DevOps Talent

June 27th, 2020|Devops Talent|

Dealing with the Shortage of DevOps Talent The skills required for a business to offer resilient applications like those found on mobile devices are quite different then traditional infrastructure teams possess. DevOps and SecDevOps for open source based applications

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

June 23rd, 2020|Disaster Recovery|

Introduction: IT departments have to deliver new features ever faster, even in the face of more demanding requirements for availability (24/7) and security. DevOps promises to do exactly that, by fostering a high degree of collaboration across the

AppZ Stacks

Proven, ready-to-use, secure cloud adoption templates

LEGO for Enterprises

  • Prefabricated cloud adoption templates – AppZ Stacks
  • Proven, secure, ready-to-use
  • 100% automated, zero to low-touch maintenance
  • Save 50-70% in cloud adoption cost!
  • 30% reduction in TCO of cloud
  • Go live in hours, days or weeks, not months/years!
  • 100s of proven building blocks: Enterprise engineering teams can start developing using their favorite stacks in minutes

  • Secure & Locked Down: All stacks are scanned at build-time and daily for potential vulnerabilities and mis-configurations

  • Enterprise Scalable: Stacks enable applications to grow and shrink. Built-in clustering, replication, HA & DR

  • Enterprise Resiliency: Stacks enable applications to detect and fix issues automatically; if not – trigger alerts.

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INTRODUCTION For a long time, applications were run on server hardware with a dedicated operating system. This hardware often

Single Pane of
Glass Dashboard

View audit logs, troubleshooting logs, performance charts, vulnerability reports all from a single dashboard.

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We can help you deploy to multiple cloud platforms using our unique #oneclick deployment platform



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