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Cloud Effortlessly

Cloud Control helps your business scale and be future-ready by modernizing your applications on the cloud 5X faster than any other cloud services platform while ensuring security, compliance, observability, and optimized cloud spend.


within hours, at low cost


with prefabricated templates


with App-Z and built-in observability


Our platform AppZ comes in-built with our very own upstream Kubernetes version and can deliver 5X faster cloud migrations. AppZ is listed in the AWS marketplace with a qualified software badge. It has a library of 150+ app stacks that aid in automated and agile cloud migration and modernization.

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How We Help

Migrate Existing Workloads

We help you get the real benefits of cloud by reducing the TCO and extracting actionable insights from your data with better modernization and migration strategies. Our agile approach supports both legacy modernization and cloud native applications.

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Better Management of Cloud Spend

For us, cloud optimization is a continuous improvement process that enhances cloud operations and application performance. You can eliminate cloud resource waste by provisioning and right-sizing the resources spent on specific cloud features.

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Cloud Security, Compliance, and Risk Management

We secure all cloud instances, containers, and Kubernetes clusters, and use observability to automatically correlate events to reconstruct threats. We aim to help you better defend your business-critical applications and workloads, reduce risk, and maintain security and compliance across hybrid networks.

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  • Faster transformation of mission-critical apps

  • Higher resiliency, agility, security, and observability

  • Improved app availability, hybrid, and multi-cloud portability 

  • Prefabricated cloud adoption templates

  • Simple and swift migration across environments

  • Simple and swift migration across environments



We are passionate about #oneclick deployments, faster time to market, maximizing security and controls using our platform. Follow our blog to learn more…

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