Using the Cloud always means agility and adding business value. In the cloud computing context, agility often refers to the ability to rapidly develop, test and launch software applications that drive business growth. Cloud agility allows us to focus on other issues such as security, monitoring and analysis, instead of provisioning and maintaining the resources. There are some obvious factors that businesses always take into account when adding cloud services to their infrastructure, such as cost, performance, security and reliability.

More and more often, however IT leaders are looking towards cloud scalability, elasticity and agility, to really bolster their computing capabilities and stay ahead of the competition. Realistically, moving a data center to the cloud is challenging, IT leaders are faced with aging data centers which must be adapted to new technology over time, so require flexible infrastructure options.

Creating an agile infrastructure team to support both legacy modernization and cloud native applications requires a new way to look at traditional ways of deploying production ready software and control systems.

AppZ: There is a revolution in Application development with the widespread adoption of Open Source components. Learn how with AppZ it’s possible to automate and control any part of the Application SDLC that can be software defined at the App, Compute, Storage and Network layer. With AppZ, it’s easy to simplify your cloud migration and digital transformation. AppZ enables a true GitOps model, where application/infrastructure changes are traceable to Source Control Systems with user details, reasons for the changes and timestamps. The AppZ platform enforces separation of duties between Application Developers and DevOps/Infrastructure Admins. AppZ platform helps the clients to implement cloud migration strategies too.

With its Application centric focus, AppZ Control Plane offers a single pane of glass view for deployed Applications across the entire Data Center(s) running as Private, Hybrid or Multi Cloud platform. AppZ already shows that it’s possible for existing Infrastructure and Development teams to deploy high performing, resilient and lower cost applications in a single click, without any downtime. With AppZ, organizations can digitally transform and successfully manage a tough application capability supporting any cloud provider of your choice without having to acquire expensive and scarce resources.

AppZ Advantages

With cloud automation, an organization eliminates these repetitive and manual processes for workload deployment and management. Since all manual steps and intervention are eliminated, teams can achieve immutable releases with zero downtime. Here are some key benefits of infrastructure automation:

  • Reduced Costs: Infrastructure automation eliminates the need for large teams to perform a lot of manual steps to get started with product development. For organizations that have large teams and complex infrastructures, the savings could be extensive and the improvement in quality substantial.
  • More efficient workflows: Through automation of a variety of IT provisioning tasks with great efficiency and accuracy, infrastructure automation lays the foundation for more efficient workflows. Teams can set the conditions to provision infrastructure and ensure they are executed only when the right condition is met.
  • Faster delivery: Infrastructure automation automates the process of IT provisioning, so  it also greatly reduces the time and effort needed to set up the underlying infrastructure. Teams can get started with building products sooner and bring them to the market faster and thus outpacing the competition and meeting the customer demands effectively.
  • Minimal errors: Infrastructure automation greatly reduces the error rate associated with manual provisioning of servers. Since, all the necessary infrastructure gets provisioned automatically, it reduces the chances of errors, thus minimizing the business impact.

The important tools that AppZ uses for achieving the CI/CD pipelining on hybrid cloud are:

  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


With AppZ, we can achieve the application deployment within minutes with no downtime. AppZ provides all the information for running the applications in a single dashboard providing logs and metrics, and monitoring capabilities. AppZ stacks will reduce your cost of migration from legacy to any cloud with the current infrastructure that your application is running.

  • AppZ reduces 50-70% in migration cost using the industry-first migration templates and 30% lower TCO post migration.
  • AppZ can migrate in days/weeks, not in months/years! Do it right the first time.
  • AppZ can integrate vulnerability scanning across software and configuration systems.
  • AppZ maximizes security with Zero privileged access and automatic patching.

Finally, how AppZ differs from others:

  • We have a team with many years of experience in the cloud migration domain.
  • We have pre-fabricated cloud migration templates which are proven, highly secure.
  • We’re the inventors of a patented cloud solution, which shows our expertise and quality.

And hence, we can conclude that AppZ lowers the barrier to the entry of Cloud Computing and thereby achieves infrastructure agility, reduces the cost and the risk.

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