AppZ’s Single Control Plane for Your Applications

To automate and eliminate privileged access we share in the white paper how important it is to have a single focal point for everything about your applications as part of the Application SDLC.  In most large organizations debugging applications requires permissions to be granted to do one-off debugging and it’s not easy for developers to get access to all the requisite logs.  With AppZ we share how developers can have immediate access to everything they need to resolve problems from one place with our log lake integration and filters inclusive of resource consumption.

About The Author

Rich Robins

CPA – COO and Biz Development Cloud Control
Experience: Sales/Biz Dev (Eagle, IHS Markit), Angel Investor (Data3Sixty, Brilliance Financial), Deloitte FSI Consulting.  Ran IT and Operations for 40 Billion Money Manager, Global Energy Trader and Life Insurer.