Live Webinar

Ready to talk about Data Operational Efficiency for the Buy Side?

10 Sept, Thursday | 2:30 pm BST / 9:30 am EDT

Join us to learn how adoption of the latest NLP, ML and AI can accelerate data quality with faster integration, data discovery and codeless transformation built for cloud.

Exafluence in collaboration with MongoDB, Holley Holland and Cloud Control is pleased to present this joint webinar on ‘Business Analyst Automation for the Buy Side’

About The Author

Business Analyst Process

Rich Robins

CPA – COO and Biz Development Cloud Control
Experience: Sales/Biz Dev (Eagle, IHS Markit), Angel Investor (Data3Sixty, Brilliance Financial), Deloitte FSI Consulting.  Ran IT and Operations for 40 Billion Money Manager, Global Energy Trader and Life Insurer.