CloudControl is committed to the growth and learning of its employees. We proudly offer various career development opportunities that allow our employees to reach their full potential. Our commitment begins with our progressive recruitment process, which ensures we hire the best talent who brings diverse perspectives, skills, and abilities to our workforce.

We also strive to create an environment where our employees can succeed and grow professionally through ongoing training and education programs. Our professional development initiatives focus on core competencies such as leadership, teamwork, communication, problem-solving, decision-making, and critical thinking. We provide access to webinars and seminars on relevant topics such as cybersecurity, DevOps practices, and emerging technologies. Additionally, we offer tuition assistance for courses related to CloudControl’s industry or field of work.

At CloudControl, we promote a culture of collaboration among employees to foster innovation and creativity. Each day begins with cross-functional teams discussing new ideas and strategies for how we can better serve our customers. We also have regular team-building activities that help strengthen relationships by encouraging open dialogue between colleagues from different departments or roles.

For those interested in leadership roles at CloudControl, we have several options, including mentorship programs with experienced executives and structured succession planning initiatives for potential managers or directors. We also provide coaching services from external consultants so that all team members can access personalized guidance throughout their careers with us.

Finally, CloudControl is committed to providing resources for personal growth outside of the workplace, too – attending conferences or participating in community service initiatives related to technology – this allows us to remain on top of industry trends and give back to society.

In summary, at CloudControl, we are dedicated not only to providing excellent customer service but also to investing in the success of our employees so they can become more successful professionals over time!

Tools used in our day-to-day operations

  • OpenProject – OpenProject is a project management system that enables teams to plan, collaborate, and communicate in a single, organized platform. It’s designed to help teams work together efficiently on projects of any size, from small business projects to enterprise-level initiatives. OpenProject provides features such as task and issue tracking, task boards, time tracking, agile project management tools, Gantt charts, and resource scheduling. Additionally, it also offers monitoring tools for budgeting and cost control. By providing an organized platform where different team members can easily collaborate and communicate with one another, OpenProject helps teams stay on top of their projects to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Tracker – Based on MantisBT, an open source bug tracking system that provides users with an efficient way to manage and monitor bugs in their software development projects. It offers a highly configurable web-based interface, allowing users to track bugs, assign tasks, create detailed reports, and more. It also supports project management features such as issue tracking, roadmap planning, and version control. MantisBT can integrate with third-party applications such as GitHub, Bugzilla, and JIRA to further extend its functionality. With powerful features, great scalability, and easy customization, it’s the perfect tool for any software development team.
  • Slack – Slack is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to simplify workplace communication by bringing all team members together in shared channels. With Slack, users can send messages, share files, and communicate with each other quickly and easily. It also allows team members to keep track of assignments, organize conversations, search through the history of conversations, and more. Because it is cloud-based, Slack can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. With its intuitive user interface and powerful features like real-time messaging and quick file sharing, Slack makes workplace collaboration easier.
  • Zapier – Zapier is a powerful automation platform that enables users to connect multiple web applications to automate tedious tasks. With Zapier, users can move information between their favorite apps and services, such as Slack, Gmail, Salesforce, and Trello. The platform’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for users of all skill levels to quickly create powerful automation that saves time and frees up resources to focus on other essential tasks. With over 1000+ new integrations added monthly, Zapier is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to increase efficiency by streamlining processes.
  • Twilio – Twilio is a communications company that provides businesses and developers with a cloud-based platform to build communication experiences. It allows customers to create personalized, secure, and robust communications solutions such as voice calling, texting, video chat, virtual numbers, multimedia messaging, authentication, and more. Twilio also offers AI-powered analytics tools to help understand customer usage and adjust services accordingly. With Twilio’s APIs and SDKs, businesses can quickly integrate its communication features into their existing applications or develop new ones from scratch. This makes it an ideal choice for companies looking to add modern communication features to their products.
  • Google Workspace – Google Workspace is an all-in-one online productivity suite that unleashes the power of collaboration. With its centralized, cloud-based platform, teams can effortlessly communicate, collaborate, and manage tasks. From Gmail, Drive, and Calendar to Meet, Chat, and Docs – Google Workspace provides the essential tools to streamline projects and foster teamwork, regardless of geographic location. Moreover, it offers cutting-edge security controls to safeguard valuable data and guarantees compatibility across devices and operating systems. From creating documents to scheduling meetings and managing team tasks, Google Workspace empowers teams to maximize productivity, no matter where they are.
  • Zoom – Zoom is a leading provider in video communication services, offering cloud-based solutions for video, audio, and web conferencing. The platform is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing seamless real-time connections with people worldwide. With Zoom, you can effortlessly join or host meetings, collaborate on projects, and share documents and images from any location. It also provides a wide range of features like recording, live streaming, chat, file sharing, and robust security controls. Tailored for businesses, Zoom offers scalable pricing plans and customizable features, making it an efficient solution for communication and collaboration among colleagues, regardless of distance.

About CloudControl

At CloudControl, we specialize in offering SRE-as-a-Service and Cloud Migration Factory solutions that empower our customers to harness the full potential of the cloud in an efficient, cost-effective, secure, and reliable manner. As a customer-centric organization, we prioritize employee satisfaction while upholding transparency and work-life balance. Our internal solid work culture enables us to deliver an exceptional level of service to our valued customers.