Enterprises of all sizes are trying to adopt the public cloud at a rapid pace. They often find challenges with migrating existing databases from their on-premise data center and processes around it to the cloud. Talent scarcity and the lack of easy-to-use toolsets make this challenge all the more difficult. CloudControl has a unique offering to meet the Database Migration and Management challenges with its innovative tools, AppZ Platform and AppZ Stacks.

CloudControl Approach

Cloud Control has vast experience modularizing and automating the CICD process for applications at the enterprise scale with its unique template-based approach. We have adopted the same approach to offer Data Migration and Management as code. We propose to build a framework to build, execute and audit these tasks with full automation using a declarative syntax. Our Dashboard offers observability of the entire SDLC process around data from a single pane of glass.

This article covers the following sections.

  • Database Migration
  • Migrating the Processes around the Database
  • Database Change Management
  • Database HA and DR setup
  • Database Security and Privileged Access
  • Database Audit and Compliance &
  • Cloud Control Delivery Model

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