Accelerating Cloud Migration: Partnership Announcement:


Cloud Control Solutions Inc. (CCS), a leading provider of Cloud Application Migration, Modernization and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) solutions, is pleased to announce a new partnership with August Consulting Inc. (August), a Digital Transformation Services pioneer and  Cloud Service provider with extensive relationships with F500 customers.

The partnership will allow August Consulting Inc. to leverage Cloud Control’s expertise in cloud migration, modernization, and SRE services, to better serve their customers who are looking to move their applications to the cloud or to modernize their existing infrastructure. CCS’s provide a suite of tools that can help customers modernize their IT infrastructure, optimize their application performance, and improve their overall cloud journey.

We are thrilled to partner with August Consulting to bring our cloud migration, modernization and SRE services to their enterprise customers,” said Rejith Krishnan, CEO of Cloud Control Solutions. “As more organizations are looking to adopt cloud solutions, it is important to have a partner who can provide the expertise and support needed to make this transition successful. We are confident that our partnership with August Consulting will help customers achieve their cloud goals, while also enabling us to expand our reach and bring our solutions to the US market.”

We are excited to partner with Cloud Control Solutions to deliver best-in-class cloud migration, modernization, and SRE services to our customers,” said Arun Subramony, Chairman and CEO of TimeX Bank and Co-Founder of August, a TimeX portfolio enterprise. “With Cloud Control Solutions’ expertise and experience, we can better serve our customers who are looking to move to the cloud or modernize their existing infrastructure.” In addition, August plans to open up its Federal and State Services practice in the Washington DC Metro area to enable US Government’s Cloud Smart Initiative.


Cloud Control Solutions Inc. is a boutique Cloud transformation company established in the USA in 2019. The company specializes in Cloud Migration, Modernization, and Management (SRE as a Service) and takes a low-touch cloud and Kubernetes-first approach. Their dedicated team of developers, stack builders, architects, and entrepreneurs are committed to designing and constructing next-generation cloud platforms that are not only efficient and resilient but also cost-optimized. Their ultimate goal is to help businesses transition to the cloud seamlessly and leverage their full potential to achieve their objectives.

Clients who have adopted Cloud Control Solutions’ methodology have achieved up to 5x cloud adoption speed and 40% TCO reduction. With a focus on low-touch cloud and Kubernetes, Cloud Control is at the forefront of cloud transformation, helping businesses make the most of the cloud in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


August Consulting, founded in 2012, is a cross-border Management Consulting and boutique IT service provider, offering businesses a comprehensive range of technological services for its North American and Asian clients. Product development, cloud migration, API development, application services, DevOps, data architecture and analytics, quality assurance, systems integration, technology recruitment, training, and placement are among the team’s specialties. In addition, August provides bespoke and scalable solutions tailored to the client’s requirements