Educational institutions around the globe are looking for reliable options that enable administrators, professors, teachers, and students to maintain connectivity and productivity on/or off campus. In addition, education providers sometimes need dependable solutions to facilitate distance learning for their students and enable remote work for the staff. AWS Marketplace provides curated technical and business support to start, expand and optimize their business as they deliver on their mission for education.

Rejith Krishnan, Founder and CEO of Cloud Control, co-hosted a webinar on BUILDING A SUSTAINABLE AND SCALABLE EDTECH PLATFORM ON AWS with Ajit Nair, Co-Founder and CEO of Mondayskills.com. This webinar will explain how cautious planning during development may pave the path for future scalability!


We have spent decades attempting to fix a problem that we face daily. Many people are at a loss for what to do, from their careers to their job. We can deliver the top trainers and platform expertise to consumers via Monday skills.com so that they can study and understand different sectors. The education sector is a decade behind what we need today. We need to figure out what’s going on with AI, data science, and so on, and the actual problem is that these things can’t be taught in schools. In the digital age, there is a growing skill gap, and technology is rapidly evolving. And the curriculum used today is out of date in this regard. In reality, if we look at affluent nations like the United Kingdom, the curriculum needs to catch up to what business requires. If we look at emerging countries like India, the curriculum is about a decade behind what the industry needs.

One of the primary reasons for this is the need for industry and Academy coordination. Another significant issue is that we used to have a lot of internship possibilities. Given today’s cyber threats, companies are unwilling to risk that. As a result, the people entering the workforce need to be more skilled in the workplace skills requirements, and most companies, to meet that, end up hiring many people with higher qualifications than what they need for those jobs. For example, if we look at KYC analyst positions, we will find that many now demand a general undergrad degree or a solid mid-level high school diploma.

Monday Skills provides three options: virtual internships, master classes, and career courses. If we want to give people job experience and exposure, Monday Skills can accomplish it through virtual internships in collaboration with prominent global firms. And the way it will operate is that you will be given tasks established by these firms where you would work as a virtual intern. Someone who works as a front accountant, a KYC analyst, a medical billing coder, a full-stack programmer, or a Python engineer will get that experience on the job. As a result, you gain experience with that tool. If you’ve been exposed to that position, decide that’s the professional path you want to take.

Monday skills will be taught in career classes if you want to become a front accountant or value analyst. And in the master class, these are approved live cohort-based seminars in which industry investors educate on the site. So some of these folks are, for example, Fortune 500 firms and business division leaders who are teaching on the platform. So that makes a significant impact.


There is a course for corporates called the corporate upskill program. This is done in collaboration with the company. The needs of each organization are recognized, and specialized programs are developed for them. For example, Monday skills have training programs available for purchase. At the same time, they create a curriculum for the people who will be working there. And once an amnesty is granted, the dedicated LMS will handle all of its activities, enrollment certification, and learning aspects. So, whatever software you design, study it; there will be frequent quizzes and an end-of-term exam. After the assessment, they will be certified. The entire learning and certification program may take place on this platform. It’s a cutting-edge platform that allows people to accomplish anything they desire. And the most significant part is you can monitor what your students, equipment, or staff are doing, as well as how much time they spend daily completing the course; you receive a full report, and you have your login so that you can oversee everything.


As a startup with a limited budget, AWS is the perfect platform. Scalability is another critical consideration because of the constraints. When a high number of students sign up, scalability must be achieved quickly, which is where the use of AWS serverless technology comes into play. One of the biggest advantages of AWS is that it is friendly to startups.


Monday skills will be open to the public on January 14th, with three services available; internships, career courses, and master classes. Monday Skills brings students, employers, coaches, and SMEs together. Employers benefit from their ability to acquire, engage, and hire early-career individuals. As a result, a platform would assist them in acclimating to establish an employer brand with which they can connect, organize information sessions, build campus partnerships, and nurture talent.

From a recruiting sense, they can employ verified talent, so these interns have finished activities and their internship with us, and they understand the career norms they’re signing up for. In addition, they may have taken specific courses and been certified on the platform.

Monday skills are bringing in the best of technical experts, domain experts, management experts, resume writers, interview coaches, and career advisors, all of them domains, and are bringing them onto the platform so that everybody gets to benefit.

Monday Skills also provides courses in sales and marketing, banking, capital markets, information technology, human resources, and finance, as well as non-coding courses. In addition, virtual live cohorts will participate in master sessions offered by industry professionals.

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