An Event by Cloud Control & CMS IT Services

The business environment has been rapidly accelerating in terms of digital transformation. This shift in the business culture brings about new digital assets, including apps, websites, and databases, which can increase a business’s attack surface. As a result, companies are constantly looking into introducing new ideas to overcome these costly breaches, protect their reputation, and retain customer connections, which is how DevSecOps became the bottom-up security approach.

Cloud Control Solutions recently co-hosted a webinar on DevSecOps is the Key to Successful Digital Transformations” with CMS IT SERVICES. Through this session, you will get an idea of how DevSecOps may assist you in accomplishing effective digital transformation and what companies and IT executives can do to maximize quantitative advantages from their digital engagement activities.

What we will cover in the 45 minutes webinar :

  • Digital transformation is opening new markets and new challenges.
  • Businesses need to address them rapidly to be retained and grow their share of the market.
  • Digital strategy requires new applications, online markets, availability of mobile space, and new customer expectations.
  • The traditional way to customize and develop applications is too slow.
  • Rapid iterations are needed.
  • Ease of build and deployment needed.
  • DevOps, or, DevSecOps, is foundational practice and tooling.
  • Organizations with custom applications or heavily configured off the shelf.
  • DevSecOps is a pipeline of stages: Git or bitbucket is a repository from which code is pulled
  • Containers have made DevSecOps more relevant, as Containers have accelerated the design and implementation of microservices
  • Security tools explore the application, just like a user would click on different pages of a website, and identify vulnerabilities. Tools like Sonarqube and Aqua.
  • DevSecOps pipeline POCs are relatively simple and can be put into place quickly using open source tools and technologies
  • Organizations must create a Digital Strategy. The focus of the Strategy is to determine how to market to new customers, complete sales, and deliver products or services. It requires continuous refinement of digital channels.
  • Cloud (Public or Private), Containers, and DevSecOps provide the foundations for building the digital strategy.

Do you want to boost your digitalization revenue by 50%? Then, watch the latest webinar to learn more about DevSecOps and digital transformation.