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Our SRE-AS-A-Service is available for clients who do not want to deal with the complexity of Cloud/Docker/Kubernetes and the DevOps processes to operationalize this workflow. These clients want to remain committed to develop most innovative applications for their business domain and are looking for a partner to take their application and all related services on the cloud of choice and to run in a resilient and scalable manner in their preferred Cloud. CloudControl with its AppZ suite of products is ideally suited to be the client partner in this journey. AppZ Platform manages all the complexity of the DevOps process to take client applications live in their preferred Cloud and manage Day2 operations as well for a nominal monthly fee. Clients will have full observability of this process through AppZ Dashboard.

We provide these services with the goal of exceeding the client’s Reliability and Speed requirements. We are always focused to meet the objectives of Customer, Business and Engineering teams.

This model is also ideally suited for software vendors, mostly startups, who are selling their product to clients and need to develop a single-click lowtouch multi-cloud deployment strategy. They can integrate their products on AppZ Platform and Stacks, and can deploy their products to their Client’s cloud accounts within hours, without the need for any new in-house cloud expertise.


With our Kubernetes first approach, CloudControl provides a full service managed Kubernetes and related professional services on all Clouds (Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Oracle etc.) and even on-premise. Our team of Kubernetes Certified personnel Consulting/Professional services in Kubernetes eco system include:

  • Managed Kubernetes on Google Cloud, Azure, AWS, Oracle, on-premise
  • Technical Assessment for K8s readiness
  • Setup K8s Infrastructure
  • K8s Cluster Auditing
  • K8s Cluster design
  • K8s Orchestration and Management
  • Digital Transformation with Kubernetes
  • Integration of Enterprise tools into Kubernetes cluster


Emergence of Cloud has turned IT Infrastructure from CAPEX to OPEX model, and you only pay for what you need/use. This has been great for startups as they can start consuming IT Infrastructure without huge upfront cost. But one common challenge faced by all companies, small or large, is that they have to have trained Cloud engineers to manage the Cloud. This is a big hurdle, as finding the right talent is becoming difficult. Also all Clouds are not equal, and every Cloud has developed their own language and ecosystem and they are still evolving. CloudControl CloudOps-As-A-Service is ideally suited for such clients. AppZ Platform from CloudControl simplifies consumption of Cloud Infrastructure by using GitOps for these services:

  1. Application Deployment as Code
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Deployment and Configuration as Code
  3. Policy as Code

For all the above services we offer the following abilities as needed:

  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Backups
  • Logging and dashboards
  • Disaster recovery options
  • Service desk
  • Automation
  • Application platform patching
  • Identity and access management
  • Service and business continuity


Our Migration-As-A-Service is ideally suited for companies who have been maintaining IT Infrastructure for over a decade plus and have many legacy applications and infrastructure to manage. Moving to Cloud is not only necessary but there is always lack of guidance how legacy applications may fit into Cloud. This challenge is aggravated if the company needs to adhere to regulatory and compliance guidelines as per industry requirements (HIPAA, SEC, FEDRAMP, SOC 2, etc.) CloudControl and its partners can help migrate Legacy applications to Cloud of clients’ choice for the following scenario.

  • Replatform
  • Rehost
  • Refactor
  • Hybrid