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We offer Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) support  and services to our customers using a managed services model. At Cloud Control we offer multiple levels of SRE services starting from basic to enterprise – which covers DevOps, CloudOps, observability stacks, monitoring, alerts/incidents management, patching, upgrading, performance monitoring and optimization, review and optimization of cloud bills, etc. 


  • 24*7 Support
  • Kubernetes First Approach
  • Manage Multiple Clusters
  • On-Board Applications In Days
  • Integrated GitOps and CI/CD
  • Shift Left security-DevSecOps
  • Observability
  • Alert & Incident Management
  • Approval Workflow
  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Secret & CERT Management


  • Proven tools and processes to ensure your cloud spending is efficient 
  • Hassle-free management of your cloud using our signature service 
  • Improve developer productivity by having them focus 100% on new features 
  • Ready-to-use templates for all your cloud workloads & use cases 
  • Migrate applications using lift-and-shift and refactoring approaches 
  • Risk-mitigated configuration and policies 
  • Hardened VM and container images 
  • Implements the right security posture at the infrastructure and applications levels 
  • Achieve high availability & disaster recovery 
  • Enterprise-grade controls and governance Compliance reporting with auditability and visibility

AppZ SRE maintains the applications and environments reliable and scalable at all times ensuring hassle free operations.


AppZ modernizes and migrates the applications to the cloud or on-premise environments using a Kubernetes First approach. Don’t have container or Kubernetes knowledge or expertise? No worries! AppZ can containerise your workloads using pre-fabricated and hardened application images called AppZ Stacks and deploy it to Kubernetes clusters on hybrid cloud environments. We have proven experience in migrating thousands of applications to multi-cloud environments.

AppZ recommends a Kubernetes First approach for application modernization and migrations to cloud.


Cloud Control AppZ provides a GitOps based process to automatically  build and deploy (CI/CD pipeline) customer applications to hybrid cloud environments.. During the process, AppZ can also scan the code for vulnerabilities and run automated test cases, if any.  Custom or standard approval workflows can be integrated to review and control deployments to production environments.  AppZ provides complete observability and logs for all the builds and deployments. 

Once deployed, AppZ can operate and manage the applications and clusters with high availability and resiliency using auto-scaling, self-healing and rolling upgrades/blue-green deployments. An integrated AppZ Dashboard is provided for monitoring and in-built alert mechanisms alerts any cluster issues via email, phone or slack.  

No in-house DevOps/CloudOps expertise required! AppZ will manage it for you at lower costs!! 


Today many cloud migrations take months or years to complete. Most of the work (90%) is still done manually. 80% of the migrations either fail or not get completed in time, incurring huge costs. Challenges in cloud migrations are many – legacy applications, talent scarcity, security, compliance, lack of right skill sets, tools, etc.  Cloud Control AppZ is a Lowtouch cloud migration and management solution which uses automated processes and pre-built AppZ stacks coupled with a Kubernetes first approach to migrate applications to hybrid cloud environments rapidly. AppZ uses a tool based approach which reduces the cost and time required for migration.

AppZ based cloud migrations are 5X faster and incur 30% lower costs.