PostgreSQL High Availability

Advanced object-relational database management for data integrity and reliability 

Maintain complex systems in a persistent state with a fully managed DBMS  


Enterprises need a robust database to serve as persistent storage for the copious amounts of data created every day. As the number of transactions per second and the volume of saved data grow, they need is a resilient and flexible architecture that can expand proportionately without impacting ease of access.

What is PostgreSQL? 

PostgreSQL is a robust, open-source Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which gives users the flexibility to handle both non-relational and relational queries using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. PostgreSQL is adept at efficiently managing diverse workloads, ranging from individual machines to large-scale environments. It provides a wide range of extensions, enabling businesses to customize the database to suit their needs without compromising the core structure.

PostgreSQL High Availability from Cloud Control

PostgreSQL High Availability (Postgres HA) is a cutting-edge solution that can gauge a database management system’s resilience during an infrastructure failure. We leverage Postgres HA to guarantee the uninterrupted operation of application clusters in the cloud by seamlessly transitioning from the primary server to a standby server in the event of a failure. With amazing versatility and wide-ranging utility, Postgres HA offers diverse applications across various domains.

Seamless recovery  |  Proactive monitoring  |  Backend server management  |  Automatic failover  |  Distributed resource availability


Key Features 

Language support

  • Native procedural language – PL/PGSQL – with numerous advanced features
  • Support for lightweight JSON data format 
  • Comprehensive range of programming languages and protocols such as Perl, Ruby, Python, .Net, C/C++, Java, ODBC, and Go, 
  • Unparalleled flexibility and versatility 
  • Seamless management of diverse programming needs while maintaining optimal performance

Open-source Technology

  • Over two decades of community development
  • High level of reliability.
  • Empowers users with unlimited data storage 
  • Offers complete freedom to modify and adapt the source code
  • Zero additional costs


  • Exceptional extensibility through its catalogue-driven operation
  • Comprehensive information about databases, columns, tables, etc. including intricate details about data types, access methods, and functions
  • Allows creation of data types and write scripts in multiple programming languages without requiring database recompiling

Load balancing capability

  • Standby server operation, continuous planning, and preparing the primary for backup servers
  • Streaming of replication, replication slots, cascade replication
  • Continual archiving in standby
  • High availability and load balancing 
  • Synchronous replication for simultaneous operation of two database instances while synchronizing the master database with a slave database in real time

Multi-version Concurrency Control

  • Concurrent access to a shared database for multiple users
  • Seamless read-and-write operations 
  • Multi-version concurrency management


  • Seamless support for multiple various programming languages
  • Developers can work with their preferred language



Remarkable performance

Developers can write operations simultaneously without having to read and write locks. When dealing with vast amounts of data, indexes speed up searches by allowing databases to discover a specific row without shuffling around all the data. In addition, users can design expression indexes that work on the result of an expression or a function rather than the value of a column. We also support partial indexing, parallelization of reading queries, Just-in-time (JIT) compilation of expressions, and layered transactions for higher performance and efficiency.



Postgres HA securely stores and delivers data and benefits from a proactive community of contributors who continuously identify and enhance the software, ensuring its reliability and dependability. We guarantee consistent performance with 99.999% availability.



Postgres HA provides comprehensive support for Unicode, facilitating the use of international character sets, multi-byte encodings, and advanced locale capabilities for sorting, case sensitivity, and formatting. In addition to its robust scalability and ability to handle vast amounts of data, we offer seamless operation across multiple operating systems, including LINUX, Microsoft Windows, OS X, FreeBSD, and Solaris.


Dynamic loading

We empower users to integrate their custom code easily with dynamic loading. Whether it’s defining an object code file, like a shared object code file, to introduce novel functions or types, Postgres HA will load it effortlessly. This unparalleled flexibility enables the swift construction of cutting-edge storage structures and applications while maintaining optimal performance.


No-vendor Lock-in

Our open data-sharing policy has led to numerous businesses offering Postgres services. This encourages data accessibility and mitigates the risk of vendor lock-in.

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