Signature SRE-as-a-Service

Our Signature SRE-as-a-Service is built for those searching for comprehensive services available 24/7. Our team at Cloud Control Solution prides itself on taking the burden of cluster management off your shoulders. By utilizing our powerful AppZ Platform, we provide advanced observability and alert management capabilities alongside industry-standard SRE practices to maintain your cluster vigilantly. You can enjoy an exceptional uptime of 99.999% as we continuously strive to improve through SRE while also harnessing the benefits of Kubernetes. Our all-inclusive package is available through a simple pay-as-you-go monthly plan. Let us take care of your cluster needs with our world-class Signature SRE-as-a-Service.

Task What is covered? Applicable to
Cloud Account Management
  • Account consolidation, hierarchy definition
  • Cloud account best practice reviews (Security, Cost)  
  • Budget thresholds
  • Log management and alerts
Cloud Only
Cloud Security Management
  • Review IAM roles and policies. Recommend changes if necessary
  • Review Groups, NACL settings. Update
  • Cloud users management (if applicable)
Cloud Only
Network Management
  • Provisioning of VPN networks
  • Monitoring of VPN networks
  • Troubleshooting of VPN networks
Cloud Only
Cluster Maintenance
  • OS Upgrades for clusters (if necessary)
  • Upgrade control plane and nodes
  • Upgrade K8s API versions
  • Upgrade readiness and compatibility checks
  • Blue/green deployment model during upgrades
  • Auto-image scans
  • Security posture checks
  • Cluster health dashboard
  • Compliance reporting
  • Certificate monitoring and renewals
  • Automated load testing with alerts
  • Uptime reporting and alerts
Cloud & On-premises
Patch Management
  • Setup of patch management process for infrastructure
  • Define roles, responsibilities, frequency, and approval
  • Define maintenance windows and notification process
  • Review compliance
Cloud & On-premises
Backup Operations
  • Execute backups
  • Backup integrity checks
  • Report and troubleshoot errors
  • Data restoration from backup when necessary
Cloud & On-premise
Compliance Management
  • Implement/Supervision Compliance
  • Support Periodic Review of compliance with popular IT infra standards
Cloud & On-premises
Monitoring & Continuous Improvement
  • Full-stack observability of application platform running on cloud with microservices architecture and cloud-native services
  • Cloud Control Observability Stacks include the below aspects, and more, from a single pane of glass

1. Monitoring of logs for microservices running in PROD

2. Monitoring run time logs for microservices and application-specific alerting services, as defined

3. Monitoring of all underlying cloud/application infrastructure (if applicable)

4. Alerting services with Slack/SMTP integration

5. Prometheus/Grafana (or equivalent customer standard monitoring solutions)-based dashboard, consolidates data across multiple log streams build, deployment, runtime, and infrastructure, and presents them in meaningful, actionable items for faster troubleshooting and resolution

6. Observability stacks focus on proactive monitoring and reducing MTTR

Cloud & On-premises

Leverage the effortless onboarding and modernization capabilities of AppZ, and transform how you manage your applications.

Signature SRE-as-a-Service

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Signature SRE-as-a-Service
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