Dealing with the Shortage of DevOps Talent

The skills required for a business to offer resilient applications like those found on mobile devices are quite different then traditional infrastructure teams possess. DevOps and SecDevOps for open source based applications typically requires knowledge of Kubernetes Clusters, Docker Containers, Ansible, Terraform, Python, Kafka, Spark, Grafana, Log Lakes like Elastic and Humio, Secrets and Key Management.  Further all of these require to be updated regularly in addition to rolling out new application capabilities.
Learn how with AppZ, organizations have successfully transformed themselves to manage secure, resilient, scalable applications  supporting any cloud provider with their existing teams by using our DevOps SAAS capabilities for one-click deployments with controls.

See our Founder and CTO discuss how, with AppZ, organizations can digitally transform and successfully manage a resilient application capability supporting any cloud provider of your choice without having to acquire expensive and scarce resources.

About The Author

Addressing the Shortage of DevOps Talent

Rich Robins

CPA – COO and Biz Development Cloud Control
Experience: Sales/Biz Dev (Eagle, IHS Markit), Angel Investor (Data3Sixty, Brilliance Financial), Deloitte FSI Consulting.  Ran IT and Operations for 40 Billion Money Manager, Global Energy Trader and Life Insurer.