Empowering Software/SAAS providers to sell to the largest clients

Learn more about how you can make your firm SOC2 ready to pass the toughest security reviews demanded by large and regulated customers. With AppZ it’s possible for your developers to automatically deploy software with workflow and documented approval.  With the AppZ SAAS it’s easy to have a professional DevOps process that eliminates privileged access and reduces CyberSecurity Risk. See the attached video to learn more about SOC 2 reviews from our client and partner OCD Tech on how, with AppZ, it’s possible to provide evidence easily as part of a SOC 2 Type 2 report.

About The Author

SaaS Providers to Reach Large Clients

Rich Robins

CPA – COO and Biz Development Cloud Control
Experience: Sales/Biz Dev (Eagle, IHS Markit), Angel Investor (Data3Sixty, Brilliance Financial), Deloitte FSI Consulting.  Ran IT and Operations for 40 Billion Money Manager, Global Energy Trader and Life Insurer.