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    Cloud Control offers Cloud & DevOps services on all leading cloud and on-prem platforms. Our dedicated teams with decades of experience in cloud, containers, Kubernetes, and other technologies have successfully modernized and migrated thousands of applications to various cloud environments.


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    MongoDB switch-over from VM to AKS

    February 21st, 2024|Kubernetes|

    What is Mongo DB? MongoDB, a popular open-source NoSQL database management system, distinguishes itself from traditional SQL databases by adopting a flexible approach to data storage. In SQL, databases are structured with tables and a rigid schema, while MongoDB utilizes collections similar to tables. However, MongoDB introduces a dynamic aspect with its document-oriented model, allowing nested data storage.

    How to setup Graylog Events and Alerts

    February 7th, 2024|Graylog|

    Overview Graylog is an open-source platform for log management and analysis. With Graylog, you can collect, store, and analyze log data from various sources, giving you valuable insights into your systems. Let's start with the basics. Graylog allows us to set up something called "events." An event, in Graylog, is a specific condition that we apply to our log

    AppZ LowTouch MultiCloud  Platform

    Available in AWS Marketplace!

    Low-touch Cloud Platform for multi/hybrid-cloud migration and Day2 operations using pre-built Kubernetes cluster ready for GitOps with application automation templates.


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    Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

    June 23rd, 2020|Disaster Recovery|

    Introduction: IT departments have to deliver new features ever faster, even in the face of more demanding requirements for availability (24/7) and security. DevOps promises to do exactly that, by fostering a high degree of collaboration across the

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